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Common Sex Crimes

Common Sex Crimes

Criminal statistics can help us understand how the accused may be guilty or not guilty of their crimes. However, criminal statistics can only do so much, so if you or a loved one is accused of any crime, the Criminal Defense Law Office of Kevin Cahill may be able to help you with your case.

Sex Crimes Statistics in Colorado

As stated on the Colorado Crimes States website, there were nearly 7,000 non-consensual sex offense charges made in 2018; however, 2,275 (32.5%) of the offenses were cleared.

This fact means that fighting a sex crime accusation is possible with the right representation.

In 2018, 52.4% of violent sex crime victims were women, which means men were the victims in 47.6% of the crimes. However, the gender divide is much greater when looking at the statistics of those who committed the crimes.

Men were accused in the commission of 82.4% of all violent sex crimes, which means women were accused in 17.6% of these crimes. As you can see, when it comes to sex crimes, men are much more likely to be accused when compared to women.

Now that we’ve looked at some general statistics of sex crimes, let’s examine the definitions of certain Colorado sex crimes.

Colorado’s Sex Crime Definitions

Sexual Assault is defined by several acts such as:

  • The actor causes submission of the victim by means of sufficient consequence reasonably calculated to cause submission against the victim’s will;
  •  The actor knows that the victim is incapable of appraising the nature of the victim’s conduct;
  • At the time of the commission of the act, the victim is less than fifteen years of age and the actor is at least four years older than the victim and is not the spouse of the victim;
  • The actor, while purporting to offer a medical service, engages in treatment or examination of a victim for other than a bona fide medical purpose or in a manner substantially inconsistent with reasonable medical practices.

Invasion of privacy is defined as:

A person who knowingly observes or takes a photograph of another person’s intimate parts without that person’s consent, in a situation where the person observed or photographed has a reasonable expectation of privacy, for the purpose of the observer’s own sexual gratification, commits unlawful invasion of privacy for sexual gratification.

Unlawful sexual contact is defined as contact when:

  • The actor knows that the victim does not consent;
  • The actor knows that the victim is incapable of appraising the nature of the victim’s conduct;
  • The victim is physically helpless and the actor knows that the victim is physically helpless and the victim has not consented.

As you can see, the definitions of sex crimes are quite extensive, but now that you understand sex crimes better, let’s look at more statistics.

Colorado Violent Sex Offense Statistics

2018 violent sex offenses broken down by type:

  • Rape – 40.3%;
  • Fondling – 38.7%;
  • Sodomy – 11.3%;
  • Sexual assault with an object – 9.7%.

2018 violent sex offenses broken down by location:

  • Residence/home – 63.2%;
  • Commercial – 9.7%;
  • Road/parking/camps – 9.4%;
  • Educational facility – 7.8%;
  • Government/Public Building – 5.1%;
  • All other places – 4.8%.

2018 violent sex offenses total broken down by age of the victim:

  • Under 10: 1,080;
  • 10-17: 2,743;
  • 18-24: 1,062;
  • 25-34: 925;
  • 35-44: 499;
  • 45-54: 292;
  • 55-64: 128;
  • 65 and over: 246.

2018 violent sex offenses broken down by alleged offender relationship:

  • Acquaintance- 45.5%;
  • Family- 21%;
  • Unknown- 15.4%;
  • Stanger- 10.2%;
  • Intimate- 9,8%.

As previously stated, 32.5% of those charged with sex offenses were found not guilty of their crimes, indicating that fighting accusations of sex crimes is possible with the right legal support. If you need help defending a loved one, contacting a Denver rape and sexual assault lawyer at our office can provide the necessary expertise and guidance for your case.

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