Category: Marijuana

Category: Marijuana

Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Many people wonder if medical marijuana is still relevant since the state of Colorado allows recreational use of the drug. Although the state's lawful two-ounce limit pertains to medical and non-medical users, many Colorado residents still apply for a medical marijuana card. This is because it is possible for cardholders to legally be able to carry more than two ounces on their person when it is proven that marijuana is medically necessary. What Should I Kno[ ... ]

Medical Marijuana, Drug Testing, And Workers Comp

Most workplaces in the United States are drug and alcohol-free. Employers typically implement strict zero-tolerance policies and require future employees to submit to alcohol and drug tests upon being hired. Some even require a random drug test during their terms of employment. Marijuana While at Work The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment receives about 400 medical marijuana card applications per day. In most cases, even if you ha[ ... ]

Is Delta-8 Legal In Colorado?

Delta-8 is a form of THC that has a psychoactive compound that's very similar to delta-9 THC, which is the compound in the cannabis plant that creates a "high." Even though delta-8 and delta-9 are identical, they have slightly different chemical structures that make delta-8 significantly less potent. They do, however, have some of the same effects on the body, some of which include: Rapid heart rate Dry mouth Red eyes[ ... ]

Can I Fly In The U.S With Marijuana On My Person?

In 2012 state legislation was passed that allowed recreational marijuana usage to be introduced in Colorado, which has led to numerous economic and legal benefits for many in the general public. While within state borders, you are within your rights to use marijuana recreationally, things can get a little murky when boarding planes. If you have a vacation or trip coming up, you should know about laws surrounding marijuana and airports. Flying With A Few Extr[ ... ]

Denver Crime Rates After Pot Legalization: The Truth

Since Colorado legalized marijuana for recreational use in 2012, there has been a great deal of discussion as to whether or not this has increased crime rates. It is important to note that prior to legalization, only slightly more than one percent of all crimes could be tied back to marijuana, which means it was already relatively low. Police on all levels have indicated that DUI arrests were not always sorted by alcohol and marijuana, so some of those statistics may[ ... ]

Marijuana Users Can Still Get a DUI Even When Driving Sober

Though legalization in our state is approaching its second anniversary, a new problem is emerging for both law enforcement and users alike—no one is sure how to address the issue of people who drive while high on marijuana. Colorado’s laws and official position on the matter haven’t changed since pre-legalization days. To police and prosecutors, a stoned driver is just as dangerous as a drunk driver. The Colorado Department of Transportation has outlined[ ... ]

Everyone Loses When Adults Provide Minors with Marijuana

While the recreational use and sale of marijuana may be legal in Colorado, there are still plenty of ways that the drug can get you in trouble with the law. CONTACT US! Take the recent case in Colorado Springs, where an adult woman is being investigated for distributing marijuana to minors. Her house was put under surveillance when the police noticed an unusually high number of underage visitors stopping by fo[ ... ]

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