Category: White Collar Crimes

Category: White Collar Crimes

White-Collar Crimes in Colorado

The term white collar crime originated in 1939 and now the term refers to a wide range of frauds committed by government or corporate professionals. These non-violent crimes are classified by concealment, violation of trust, and deceit and are not associated with physical force or violent acts. Often, these crimes are committed for financial reasons or to obtain power in professional business achievements. These types of corpora[ ... ]

Legal Defenses for White Collar Crimes

Learning that you’re being charged with a white-collar crime is one of the most stressful and overwhelming experiences a person can go through. If convicted of fraud, embezzlement, or any other typ[ ... ]

Misconceptions About White-Collar Crimes

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), white-collar crimes "are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust." The motivation for these crimes is "to obtain or avoid losing money, property, or services or to secure a personal or business advantage." Because white-collar crimes are often committed behind c[ ... ]

When Is a Gift a Bribe?

Businesses give gifts to associates and influential people as a regular part of operations; however, there is little that differentiates a gift from a bribe. In fact, some individuals and corporations have offered or received bribes without even realizing it! That’s why everyone should know when a gift becomes a bribe. Definition of a Bribe According to [ ... ]

Common White-Collar Crimes

Thanks to crime dramas and gangster movies, you’ve probably heard of embezzlement, extortion, bribery, and Ponzi schemes, but do you know what these crimes are and how they are committed? For many people, the answer is no, which is why we made a list of some of the most common white-collar crimes. Defining White-Collar Crimes The term white-collar crime (WCC[ ... ]

6 Strategies Employers Use to Crack Down on Workplace Fraud

When it comes to workplace fraud, Colorado employers are often particularly cautious. They have reason to be—research from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that an average company loses an estimated 5 percent of its revenue to workplace fraud every year. This means in Colorado alone, businesses may lose more than 10 million to fraud on an annual basis. To cut thei[ ... ]

4 Internet Activities That May Constitute White Collar Crime

White collar crime is a broad term that covers many different areas, and its possible many people commit these sorts of crimes without knowing how serious they are. When most of us think hear “white collar crime,” the phrase calls to mind CEOs and investment bankers. But in reality, these types of crimes can be committed by anyone – from politicians to small business owners. Generally speaking, white collar crimes are non-violent crimes committed solely[ ... ]

3 Ways to Defend Yourself against White Collar Crime Charges

In the town of Johnstown, Colorado, Clair Hull was a much-loved and respected member of the community. Mr. Hull was known across town for organizing the town barbeque festival, and for his service as a bishop at the local Mormon church. Mr. Hull was elected as a Johnstown councilman in 2006, and his achievements during his years there earned him a plaque on the city’s new town hall building. That’s why it came as a particularly nasty shock to the resident[ ... ]

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