Defense for Drug Trafficking, Distribution & Manufacturing in Colorado

If you have been convicted of committing a drug offense in the state of Colorado, our seasoned and dedicated Colorado drug crime lawyer, Kevin Cahill has a proven track record of success when it comes to combating drug charges throughout the state of Colorado.

His expert legal representation can be the difference between a guilty verdict and having your drug charges reduced or dropped. Don’t gamble with your freedom, finances, and reputation—partner with a Denver drug crime lawyer with experience and a history of success.

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Colorado law handles drug crimes charges in an incredibly serious manner. The state processes drug charges quickly and aggressively, slamming even non-violent offenders with hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, a professional, or a tourist in Denver—if you are charged with a drug crime, you can face some serious consequences without a strong defense.

Types of Drug Crimes Our Law Firm Handles

There is a sweeping array of different drug crimes you can be charged with in Denver, Colorado, from simple possession to distribution and drug trafficking. Only a skilled drug charge defense attorney can help you fight and win your drug crime case.

Some of the most common types of drug charges in Colorado that we defend include:

  • Possession of a controlled substance. You can be charged with possession if you are knowingly in control of an illegal substance. This means that even if the substance was not on your person, but was instead in your home or car, you can be charged if it is found. While possession is often regarded as the least serious of all Colorado drug crimes, if you are convicted of this charge, you could face some severe penalties. In Colorado, the most common possession cases involve ecstasy, methamphetamine, and cocaine. And despite its legal status in our state, you can even be charged with possession for marijuana if you are found with an amount that is over the legal limit.
  • Distribution of a controlled substance. This includes selling or distributing illicit drugs, as well as conspiracy to sell or distribute drugs. In order to be charged with distribution, you don’t actually have to touch the drugs in question. You can land yourself in serious trouble by simply facilitating the transaction. For instance, if you are caught alerting someone as to where they can buy drugs, you can face criminal charges.
  • Drug manufacturing or cultivation. It is illegal to manufacture or grow illegal drugs, such as methamphetamine or psychedelic mushrooms. An individual who is involved in any step of the production process may be charged with drug manufacturing, as well as those who offer to assist or provide them with equipment.
  • Prescription fraud. Prescription fraud refers to a wide array of different types of crimes. You can be charged with prescription fraud if you file prescriptions without proper authorization, forge prescriptions, or sell or distribute prescription drugs. In fact, merely being found in possession of prescription drugs intended for non-medical use can result in grave consequences. The most common drugs involved in prescription fraud cases include Barbiturates, OxyContin, and Adderall.

How Colorado Classifies Drug Crimes

Denver drug crimes are charged and punished depending on numerous factors, including the type of drug involved. For instance, if you are charged with possession, the consequences you face depend on the level or schedule of the drug you are accused of possessing.

Colorado organizes illicit drugs into five “schedules” according to their potential for abuse.

  • Schedule I drugs. These drugs typically have a high risk of dependency and have no accepted legal use, even for medical treatment. Examples of Schedule I drugs include heroin and LSD.
  • Schedule II drugs. These substances still run a high risk of addiction but may also have some recognized medical uses. Schedule II drugs include opium and cocaine.
  • Schedule III drugs. These are drugs with a moderate risk of abuse, such as codeine, steroids, and certain depressants.
  • Schedule IV drugs. These drugs have only a small potential for abuse and have widely accepted medical usages. Examples include clonazepam and sedatives.
  • Schedule V drugs. These substances have a very low potential for abuse, such as over-the-counter medications.

In addition to schedule, Colorado drug crimes are charged and punished according to factors like the amount of drugs involved, whether they were intended for sale or personal use, or whether the defendant has any prior convictions.

Penalties for Drug Crimes Convictions

Regardless of what kind of Colorado criminal drug charge you are facing, any kind of conviction can have a negative impact on both you and your family’s future. Not only will you face large fines and imprisonment, but you can also get branded with a criminal record that will stay with you for the rest of your life. Criminal records can keep you from getting jobs, finding housing, or even qualifying for loans. A Denver drug lawyer can fight your charges and work towards a more favorable solution.

Colorado recently changed its sentencing guidelines for drug crimes so that instead of getting a Class 2 Misdemeanor or a Class 4 Felony, you would now receive a DM2 (drug misdemeanor 2) or a DF4 (drug felony 4).

Denver Drug Crime Lawyer

In many drug cases, your 4th Amendment rights can be called in to play. While police officers can arrest you if they have reasonable cause to suspect you are under the influence of drugs or have drugs in your possession, they can’t search you without your permission. Oftentimes, officers violate your right to be protected from unlawful searches and seizures when they search for drugs and evidence.

Pulling from his years of experience in Colorado criminal law, Kevin Cahill can determine if your rights were violated. If officers acted unlawfully, it’s possible to have evidence declared illegitimate or suppressed.

Get the Best Outcome Possible with Kevin Cahill on Your Side

Across Colorado, judges are cracking down on drug crimes. Colorado courts are under intense scrutiny to penalize drug offenders harshly and are handing out everything from prison sentences to probation to heavy restitution.

But with Kevin Cahill on your side, you can create a sharp, strong, and aggressive defense. Mr. Cahill has been protecting the civil rights of alleged drug offenders for years and can defend you from extreme penalties, unfair charges, and manipulative strategies.

If you choose Kevin Cahill as your Denver attorney for drug charges, you’ll get a Colorado criminal defense attorney committed to arming you with a solid defense that can get your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Don’t risk your freedom and future—take a step towards protecting your rights today by calling the Law Office of Kevin Cahill at (720) 548-2990 and scheduling your free consultation with a Denver drug crime lawyer.

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