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  • When Is a Gift a Bribe?
    Businesses give gifts to associates and influential people as a regular part of operations; however, there is little that differentiates a gift from a ...
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  • Can I Open a Credit Card Account in My Spouse’s Name?
    Some spouses keep their finances separate and under wraps, but other spouses are entirely transparent about their financial situations. In fact, some ...
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  • What Is Mortgage Fraud?
    When most people think of fraud-related crimes, they picture credit card schemes and ticket scalpers. However, did you know that some people commit ...
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  • What’s Technically a Weapon?
    What do a pillow, a hammer, and a gun have in common? They can all be used to injure or kill someone. Does this mean that these items (and all items ...
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  • Is Assault Always Physical?
    The first dictionary definition of assault is, “a physical attack.” While this definition stands true in many scenarios, does it also pertain to ...
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  • What Is Criminal Menacing?
    What do DUI, DWI, and DWUI have in common? They all refer to driving while under the influence charges, but each acronym has prevalence in different ...
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  • Actions that Violate Parole in Colorado
    The justice system uses parole to help people reduce or avoid their allotted time behind bars; however, there are many rules that come with the ...
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  • Always Fight Marijuana-Related DUIDs
    In 2012 Colorado became one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, but legalization came with several stipulations. For example, you ...
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