Category: Fraud

Category: Fraud

Different Types of Fraud in Colorado

Fraud is one of the most well-known white-collar crimes. But there are many types of fraud, all of which can lead to criminal charges and severe penalties. What Is Fraud? Fraud occurs when a person commits a wrongful act intended to create an unfair (usually monetary) benefit and cause har[ ... ]

Can I Open a Credit Card Account in My Spouse’s Name?

Some spouses keep their finances separate and under wraps, but other spouses are entirely transparent about their financial situations. In fact, some partners know so much about their spouses’ financial data that they could open credit cards in their spouses’ names. However, is it legal to open a credit card under a spouse’s name? CONTACT US! The Legality of Opening[ ... ]

What Is Mortgage Fraud?

When most people think of fraud-related crimes, they picture credit card schemes and ticket scalpers. However, did you know that some people commit fraud using their mortgages? In this blog post, a Denver white collar crimes attorney will review several common forms of mortgage fraud. Mortgage Fraud for Housing Mortgage fraud for housing is when a borrower om[ ... ]

6 Strategies Employers Use to Crack Down on Workplace Fraud

When it comes to workplace fraud, Colorado employers are often particularly cautious. They have reason to be—research from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that an average company loses an estimated 5 percent of its revenue to workplace fraud every year. This means in Colorado alone, businesses may lose more than 10 million to fraud on an annual basis. To cut thei[ ... ]

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