Category: Domestic Violence

Category: Domestic Violence

How Can Social Media Impact My Domestic Violence Case?

We live in a world where social media is an integral part of many of our lives. Social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are used by billions of people worldwide to connect and share life events. While social media has become a tool that many of us cannot live without, it’s important to remember that with all of the good social media brings, comes some bad. In particular, social media has created numerous concerns when[ ... ]

Colorado Domestic Violence: What Everyone Needs to Know

The last few years have shown lawmakers across the nation how serious domestic violence crimes are. As the severity of these crimes becomes more well-known, the penalties for those who are guilty continue to increase to prevent these incidents from happening. Unfortunately, as serious as domestic violence crimes are, there are many innocent individuals who have their lives changed due to the way that domestic violence crimes are prosecuted[ ... ]

Strangulation as a Felony in Colorado? Proposed Law Aims to Protect Victims

Under a new bill, those in Colorado who are convicted of domestic abuse could see harsher punishments, including a mandatory minimum jail time and felony charges for strangulation. Currently, 38 states in the US consider strangling another person a felony, but Colorado isn’t one of them. In the next legislative session early next year, advocates are a backing a bill to change that. Many prominent figures in law enforcement are in support of the bill[ ... ]

Colorado Reevaluates Domestic Violence Laws: What it Means for You

Advocates are pushing for harsher punishments in the state of Colorado for domestic abuse-related crimes, following the death of Kristen Lockett of Limon. Lockett was killed by her husband on Jul 18, 2015. Lockett’s husband had several incidents of domestic abuse charges on his record. The tragic murder of Kristen Lockett has many questioning whether the Colorado Habitual Offender Law is strong enough. The state has severe punishments for habitual offenders[ ... ]

8 Ways You Can Violate a Protection Order

A protection order can have a dramatic impact on every aspect of your life, limiting who you can speak to, the places you can go, and the things you can do. In some cases, a protection order—sometimes referred to as a “restraining order”—can keep you from entering your own home or speaking with your children. But while the terms of your restrain[ ... ]

9 Non-Physical Acts that Can Lead to a Domestic Violence Charge

The term “domestic violence” often conjures up images of bruises, scars, and broken bones from physical abuse. But domestic violence laws in Colorado go far beyond straightforward physical abuse to encompass a wide variety of non-physical types of violence. In our state, it is possible to be charged with domestic violence without even liftin[ ... ]

False Domestic Violence Claims Hurt Our Criminal Justice System

Colorado’s domestic violence laws are designed to protect families and individuals in relationships. Unfortunately, there are those who take advantage of these laws out of malice or desire for personal gain in divorce proceedings. In the Colorado criminal justice system, false allegations of domestic violence abuse are far too common, taking away credence from true cases of domestic violence. Why are domestic violence laws abused so frequently? In part, t[ ... ]

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