Category: Criminal Record Sealing

Category: Criminal Record Sealing

How to Seal Your Colorado Criminal Record

If you’re applying for a job, housing, or college and you have a criminal record, you may be concerned about how your record will impact your chances. You’re wise to worry. Employers often toss applicants with criminal records first. Landlords don’t want to rent to them. Banks hesitate to offer loans. And college admissions offices will see this as a black mark on your qualifications – at best. For those passing this challenging path, finding guidance on[ ... ]

How To Apply For A Job With A Criminal Record

While you’re hunting for a new job, you may see a few familiar patterns popping up—all employers want cover letters, they all want references, and they all want to perform background checks. All of these are relatively routine, but if you have a criminal record, that last point may present a problem. If you’ve ever been arrested, charged, or convicted, it will show up on your criminal record. While this is enough to make anybody nervous, there are some[ ... ]

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