Category: Theft Crimes

Category: Theft Crimes

Most Common Types Of Theft Crime In Colorado

With the holidays approaching, theft is more present than ever. When individuals feel pressured to get their kids or family gifts even when they don’t have the funds to, often they resort to theft. For example, almost 11 million people have had packages stolen in the last year. If you are an individual who has resorted to theft you may want to think before you act. Below we have laid out some of the most common types of theft and what th[ ... ]

What Is Mortgage Fraud?

When most people think of fraud-related crimes, they picture credit card schemes and ticket scalpers. However, did you know that some people commit fraud using their mortgages? In this blog post, a Denver white collar crimes attorney will review several common forms of mortgage fraud. Mortgage Fraud for Housing Mortgage fraud for housing is when a borrower om[ ... ]

Retail Theft and Civil Demands in Colorado: What You Need To Know

The small amount of money usually involved in retail theft might encourage people to think of shoplifting charges as “no big deal.” The law doesn’t share this opinion, however—nor do retailers. If you have been caught shoplifting, you may have been informed that you will receive a civil demand letter in the mail. Or you might be surprised to di[ ... ]

6 Technologies Designed to Stop Theft

Advances in technology are constantly transforming the way we interact with the world, from the way we order Chinese food to how we look up directions to the nearest gas station. Unsurprisingly, new technologies have also changed the way businesses crack down on theft. Today, getting away with shoplifting and theft crimes has become tougher than ever,[ ... ]

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