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6 Technologies Designed to Stop Theft

6 Technologies Designed to Stop Theft

Advances in technology are constantly transforming the way we interact with the world, from the way we order Chinese food to how we look up directions to the nearest gas station. Unsurprisingly, new technologies have also changed the way businesses crack down on theft.

Today, getting away with shoplifting and theft crimes has become tougher than ever, as more businesses turn to anti-theft technologies to stop potential thieves. There are a variety of products available to business owners today that can help to prevent theft before it happens – or catch shoplifters red-handed. Understanding common reasons people shoplift can also be a valuable tool in theft prevention.

Below, we’ve listed six of the most common technologies that businesses use to put a stop to shoplifting and other theft crimes.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. With RFID systems, chips are attached to items to deter theft and collect information about the types of items being stolen. The technology allows business owners or loss prevention personnel to track a product as it moves to the door in real-time, making shoplifting a tricky task. RFID tags can be read at a rate of up to 200 per minute, and are preferable to barcode and other traditional anti-theft systems which can be manipulated to avoid detection.

Video analytic software. Video analytic software helps business owners examine footage from store security cameras more closely and effectively by instantly picking up on suspicious activity. The software can detect activities such as concealing products, walking out of the store without paying, or employees who act dishonestly at the register.

Facial recognition software. This is another type of software that can be used in connection with video surveillance systems. Facial recognition software can detect and identify known shoplifters as soon as they enter a retail store by comparing their face to photos stored in the database. As soon as the software recognizes a shoplifter, an alert is sent to the business owner or security guard. The software can even track multiple visits over several locations.

Smart display technology. With this type of system, valuable or high-theft products are flagged so that they set off an instant alert to loss prevention personnel when removed. In some cases, an alarm will sound.

Mobile point of sale systems. Rather than restricting retail employees behind registers and counters, the mobile point of sale system allows workers to ring up a purchase on the sales floor. This allows employees to be constantly moving and monitoring the store, making theft much more difficult. To prevent dishonest employees from joining forces with shoplifters, security guards remain close at hand.

Anti-push out system. With an anti-push out system, underground wires around a store prevent shopping carts from leaving the area by triggering their wheels to lock. The technology can even be set up to prevent carts from leaving the store before going through checkout.

If You Are Accused, Arrested, or Charged for Theft

While anti-theft technologies are improving every day, these systems are far from perfect when it comes to catching individuals charged with theft. It is not uncommon for innocent shoppers to be unfairly targeted and identified because of a system error or an overzealous loss prevention employee.

Shoplifting and theft crimes can have serious consequences if you are convicted. However, it’s important to remember that a theft charge doesn’t necessarily equal a conviction. If you have been accused, arrested, or charged with theft, hire a Colorado theft crime defense attorney immediately. Your attorney can examine the circumstances of the incident and help you build an aggressive defense that can help you avoid incarceration, fines, and the difficulties that can come along with a criminal record.

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