Category: Shoplifting/Retail Theft

Category: Shoplifting/Retail Theft

Parental Responsibility Laws & Shoplifting

As parents, we are responsible for our minor children in a number of ways--including legally. The state of Colorado holds parents responsible for their children’s illegal behavior, if the child in question is a minor. This is particularly true in the event of a shoplifting crime, in which the monetary responsibility will fall upon the parents. The price of the item in question must be paid in full by the minor’s parents. In addition to the actual cost of[ ... ]

Retail Theft and Civil Demands in Colorado: What You Need To Know

The small amount of money usually involved in retail theft might encourage people to think of shoplifting charges as “no big deal.” The law doesn’t share this opinion, however—nor do retailers. If you have been caught shoplifting, you may have been informed that you will receive a civil demand letter in the mail. Or you might be surprised to di[ ... ]

6 Technologies Designed to Stop Theft

Advances in technology are constantly transforming the way we interact with the world, from the way we order Chinese food to how we look up directions to the nearest gas station. Unsurprisingly, new technologies have also changed the way businesses crack down on theft. Today, getting away with shoplifting and theft crimes has become tougher than ever,[ ... ]

Why Do People Shoplift?

Recent studies have found that as many as one in 11 Americans has shoplifted in their lifetime. It’s a time-honored crime that is practiced by people of all ages, genders, races, religions, and income brackets.[ ... ]

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