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Denver White-Collar
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With the entire country still reeling from the effects of the sub-prime mortgage debacle and businesses that are seemingly only out for themselves, regulators are working hard to crack down on anyone who appears to step out of line. This drastic increase in scrutiny has led to more people being investigated for white collar crimes, and sometimes your position alone can put you in the line of fire.

Aggressive Defense for Serious White Collar Crime Charges

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that an investigation or a charge isn’t worth wasting your time on because you know it isn’t true – both civil and criminal penalties have been enhanced, and you never know what can happen over the course of an investigation. Their accusations may be groundless, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t do irreparable harm to your life and business as your name is dragged through the mud. You need to hire a white-collar crime lawyer as soon as possible if allegations are imminent or pending against you. If you are under investigation, the prosecutors are building a case against you. Do NOT talk to them. Kevin Cahill knows just how serious these allegations can be and will work tirelessly to craft the strongest defense possible for you so that you can get the investigation stopped or the charges reduced or dropped.

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What Does “White-Collar Crime” Mean in Colorado?

One of the most confusing things about the term “white collar crime” is how much ground it really covers. Most people hear the term and imagine that it’s limited to bankers, investors, or CEOs, but in reality, it is far more expansive. According to law, a white-collar crime is any complicated crime committed solely for financial gain.

All kinds of people and companies can find themselves in trouble, from politicians to small business owners. These kinds of crimes often take a long time to investigate, and it is possible that the government has been building a case against you or your company for months or even years. They have likely been looking through your records and correspondence and may even have an undercover agent observing you.

Because of this, it is vital that you refrain from acting on your own. Even if you are completely innocent of all charges, it’s possible to make yourself look guilty by engaging in a protective or secretive manner, so the first thing to do is contact a Denver white collar crime lawyer. For matters related to sex crimes, Kevin Cahill, a trusted Denver sex crime lawyer, will clearly explain to you what you are up against and how you can best fight it, limiting your liability and your business’s exposure.

White-Collar Crimes Require a Strategic Defense

One of the first things that Kevin Cahill always tells clients who are being investigated for or charged with white collar crimes is that timing matters. Because these kinds of cases take so long to put together, the earlier on in the process that you learn about the case and start working with a Denver white collar defense lawyer, the better off you are.

This is something that’s true in just about any criminal case, but it’s especially important where white collar crimes are concerned, because often it’s not just your freedom at stake, but your reputation and livelihood. If you bring an experienced white collar crime lawyer like Kevin Cahill onto your case before anything has gone public, one of his main focuses will be to strategically defend you so that the government is prevented from taking action against you and your rights are always upheld. Many times, he can cut investigations off before they are released to the public or an indictment has been made and save your good name.

He does this by:

  • stopping you. Often, we are our own worst enemies when we learn that someone is coming after us. Our instinct is to go on the defensive – even if we have no reason to believe we’re guilty. But a quick call to an associate to confirm that everything is in order or an email that sounds like you’re hiding something can be damning enough to cause investigators to redouble their efforts.
  • protecting your rights. Government investigators are usually quite skilled at dotting their “I”s and crossing their “T”s, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t slip up from time to time. If someone obtains important information illegally or otherwise crosses the line in their investigation of you, Kevin Cahill will do his utmost to make sure that they are held accountable and that you won’t suffer when protocol has been broken. Sometimes, this kind of behavior is even enough to get cases dropped entirely.
  • pointing out misunderstandings. If the investigators are after you because they believe something points to wrongdoing and they are mistaken, a knowledgeable white collar crimes attorney knows how to present this information to them in the correct way, so that they will back down. Attempt to do this on your own and you may end up inadvertently providing them with more “fuel for the fire,” so to speak.

As bad as being investigated for a white-collar crime is, there is one big benefit: they tell you before you get charged. This provides you with the time to put together a criminal defense and even work out a favorable deal before you are indicted if you can’t convince investigators that everything is okay. But this only works if the person defending you knows how these kinds of cases work – and if you get someone on your side fast enough.

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