Trust Our Denver Criminal Defense Attorney with Your Case

Attorney Kevin Cahill chose a career in criminal defense law because it allows him the opportunity to work with many different people who come to him at what is often the lowest moment of their lives. He founded his firm because he wanted every client to be treated with respect and knows how important it is that everyone who has been arrested or accused has someone always there fighting for them in court. Attorney Kevin Cahill never pawns out his clients to other lawyers and always handles every case with the care and dedication needed.

Why Hire Us?

A Relentless Drive to Get You the Best Possible Outcome

Denver criminal defense Attorney Kevin Cahill makes himself available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because of his passion about the idea that everyone deserves the best defense possible. Our firm gives every client the respect they deserve and you will never be just a file number. He has also worked with attorneys, law enforcement officials, judges, and in courtrooms all across Colorado and has developed these relationships which always help our clients.

Our role is as a guide through the often difficult process of the criminal court and our attorney genuinely cares. We take the fact that an individual has chosen our firm to stand up with them in court very seriously and always strive to exceed client expectations.

Get Started on Your Case Today with Kevin Cahill

Our lawyer has the experience and knowledge to fight for you. Never talk to the police without an attorney. Instead, trust the Law Office of Kevin Cahill with your freedom. You’ll be putting your case in good hands.

When you reach out to our firm, the first thing we do is schedule a free initial consultation where you can go over the specifics of your situation and talk to Mr. Cahill about potential defense strategies. After the meeting, you won’t owe us a dime and have no obligation to hire Mr. Cahill, but you will have a better understanding of your legal chances and what you need to do to beat the charges against you.