Category: Assault

Category: Assault

Key Differences Between Assault and Self-Defense

Imagine the following two scenarios: In the first scenario, you walk into a bar, see someone you don’t like, intentionally spill some beer on them, and get into a brawl. In the second scenario, you walk into the same bar and see the same person you don’t like. However, instead of antagonizing them, you go to another table and mind your own business. They then come to you, push you, and start a brawl. In the first scenario, you are guilty of assault. In the second[ ... ]

Is Assault Always Physical?

The first dictionary definition of assault is, “a physical attack.” While this definition stands true in many scenarios, does it also pertain to criminal assault charges? In this blog post, the Law Office of Kevin Cahill will examine how many states view criminal assault charges and compare that definition to Colorado’s definition. Definition of Criminal Assault in Some States In some states, the criminal definition of assault stands for more[ ... ]

What Is Criminal Menacing?

What do DUI, DUID, DWI, and DWUI have in common? They all refer to driving while under the influence charges, but each acronym has prevalence in different states. This diversification stems from the fact that each state has its own set of laws and unique vocabulary with which to explain those laws, and this is precisely why Colorado has menacing charges. Menacing Charges Menacing is the legal term Colorado uses for what many o[ ... ]

Why You Need a Lawyer When Facing Multiple Assault Charges

One of the worst—and most surprising—things about assault charges is that they often come with accompanying charges. This may come as a shock, but if you have been charged with an assault crime, you may find yourself facing additional charges as your trial progresses. Cases that involve second-degree assault, for instance, will often get harassment charges tacked on to them as well. Hiring a[ ... ]

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