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Colorado Domestic Violence: What Everyone Needs to Know

Colorado Domestic Violence: What Everyone Needs to Know

The last few years have shown lawmakers across the nation how serious domestic violence crimes are. As the severity of these crimes becomes more well-known, the penalties for those who are guilty continue to increase to prevent these incidents from happening.

Unfortunately, as serious as domestic violence crimes are, there are many innocent individuals who have their lives changed due to the way that domestic violence crimes are prosecuted. If you’ve been convicted of domestic violence, you can expect to face fines, jail time, and a different future than the one you were expecting.

Whatever situation you’re in, working with an experienced Colorado criminal defense attorney will help ensure that you have the best possible outcome. At the criminal defense Law Office of Kevin Cahill, our team of Colorado domestic violence defense attorneys has helped countless clients fight their charges.

It’s crucial to remember that each case is different, and each case will have a different outcome. However, there are things that can be done to help you put your past behind you and truly move forward with your life.

Here are some things that you should remember when it comes to fighting Colorado domestic violence charges.

Be sure to Understand Colorado’s Domestic Violence Laws Fully

It’s important to know that in Colorado, domestic violence is not a crime on its own. Instead, it’s typically added on to an existing assault charge. Additionally, Colorado has extremely broad guidelines when speaking on what’s considered domestic violence. Crimes ranging from robbery to the destruction of property can be considered domestic violence when the criteria is met. The best way to fully understand your charges and how to fight them is to work with an experienced defense attorney, such as a reputable Denver domestic violence defense attorney, to discuss your situation.

Be Aware of Colorado’s Mandatory Protection Order

In Colorado, a domestic violence arrest means that your freedom hinges on signing a mandatory protection order. This order explains that you are to refrain from coming into contact with the victim both, in-person and online.

If you choose to contact the victim with no regard to the protection order, additional charges could be added, and your case will be exponentially harder to fight.

In addition to charges being added to your case, you must also give up your rights to own a firearm until the protection order is lifted. In Colorado, if convicted of domestic violence, you will permanently lose your right to possess a firearm.

Fight Your Charges

While being charged with domestic violence can change your life in countless ways, there are a few different defense options available to you.

Illegal Procedures

An experienced attorney can help you fight your charges by examining whether or not your charges were handled properly. For example, if you were not read your rights or an illegal search was done, which led to your arrest, you could have your charges dropped. Any evidence you can present in court that shows this will help your case.

False Accusations

As we are forced to spend more time indoors, the number of false accusations is on the rise. Many couples are fighting more than ever due to excess time around each other. Unfortunately, even if the alleged victim wants the charges dropped, they cannot do so; only prosecutors can drop charges in Colorado.

Be Open to the Options Available

If your situation involves the use of drugs or alcohol, you can attend rehabilitation to show the prosecutors that you’re taking becoming a better person into your own hands. If your situation involves anger issues, you can work with a therapist to improve your mental health.

All of these things help your case and give you the best chance to fight your charges in court.

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If you’ve been charged with domestic violence, there are options available to fight your charges; but you must act quickly.

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