Kevin Cahill knows that being charged with a criminal offense is an awful thing to go through. Many people feel shocked, angry, embarrassed, or scared, and it is not uncommon to experience all of these emotions at the same time. Friends and family members may look at you differently. Employers and neighbors can turn their back on you.

As bad as being charged is, it is nowhere near as life-altering as being convicted. Regardless of whether you are facing a felony or a misdemeanor, it is vital that you take the charges seriously and seek out legal representation as soon as possible so you can start building your defense.

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer:

  • Experience specific to the type of charges you are up against
  • A willingness to listen to your needs and the details of your situation
  • The relentless drive and determination it takes to ensure you receive the best possible outcome
  • A proven track record of success – both in getting favorable pre-trial settlements and in receiving positive verdicts when cases do go all the way to court

Kevin Cahill possesses all of these qualities in addition to being a confident and fearless litigator who refuses to back down when he is fighting to protect the rights of his clients. He will do whatever he can to get your charges reduced or even dropped, and is not afraid to think outside the box when coming up with a plan for your defense if he believes it might help.

Education & Experience

After attending Wake Forest University for his undergraduate studies, Mr. Cahill graduated from the University of Denver School of Law in 2005 determined to protect the rights of people accused of crimes in Colorado and perfect his litigation skills. He became a member of both the Denver Bar Association and the Colorado Bar Association and then joined a large firm in the Denver metro area. His work there allowed him to hone his skills in defending clients, and he quickly became one of the leading authorities at the firm on domestic violence, sex crimes, violent crimes, and restraining orders.

Cahill also has a vast amount of experience dealing with every kind of traffic case you can imagine, and he understands how DMV hearings work and what you need to do to protect yourself.

Far too many people do not take seemingly “simple” traffic violations seriously if jail time is not involved, but they may not realize that the DMV can take their license away. Losing your driver’s license can be a huge blow if you need to drive to get to work or handle other important responsibilities – for some people, it can be life-changing. If a traffic incident threatens to cost you your license, Kevin Cahill will work his hardest to ensure that does not happen.

In handling such a wide variety of criminal charges, Mr. Cahill has worked with attorneys, law enforcement officials, judges, and in courtrooms all across the great state of Colorado. Because of this, he has developed a large network of strong relationships within the criminal justice system throughout his career – relationships that can help ensure you receive the best possible outcome in your case.

How Can Attorney Kevin Cahill Help You?

Some people think they do not need a lawyer to help them with their criminal charge, especially if it is just a petty offense that does not come with the threat of jail time. But without professional legal counsel, your chances at successfully defending yourself drop dramatically.

And while there are petty offenses that may only carry a small fine and some mandatory community service, a conviction for a criminal offense can still be life-changing in other ways. It is hard enough these days to get into a good college, land the job you want, or qualify for a loan without having to contend with the extra challenges that a criminal record brings.

Kevin Cahill can help. He went into criminal law because he believes that every single person deserves the best defense they can possibly get, and when you walk into Mr. Cahill’s office for the first time, he will listen carefully to the specifics of your case before offering his honest legal opinion on how you can best defend yourself based on his vast experience in Colorado criminal law.

Maybe law enforcement officials made a procedural error that violates your rights and he can use this to have the charges dropped. Or there is evidence supporting the fact that you did not actually commit a crime. Or perhaps the opposite is true and there is just not enough evidence for the other side to prove you actually committed a crime. Whatever the situation, Mr. Cahill will explore every option to try to get your charges reduced or dropped, and he will make sure you understand what is going on every step of the way.

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But the only way to start that process is to contact the Law Office of Kevin Cahill today and set up a free consultation. Why is it free? Because Mr. Cahill knows what a big decision it is to choose the person who is going to represent you in your criminal case, and he wants you to feel confident in his abilities before you agree to take him on or pay him anything. This initial meeting is a way for you to get to know Mr. Cahill, understand how he works, and decide if he is the right person for you.