Actions that Violate Parole in Colorado

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Violations of Colorado Parole

The criminal justice system uses parole to help people reduce or avoid their allotted time behind bars; however, there are many rules that come with the benefit. To help parolees and their loved ones avoid breaking the law, the Law Office Kevin Cahill has made a list of actions that violate Colorado parole.


A judge will determine what a parolee can or cannot do given the circumstances of their past crimes. Therefore, every parolee will have a list of do’s and don’ts that are unique to their case. Although every parolee has his or her own list, every parolee must not technically or substantively violate their parole.

Substantive Violations

Substantive violations are situations where parolees commit new crimes not related to their original sentences. Unfortunately, substantive violations could lead to a parolee’s re-arrest.

Common substantive violations include:

Technical Violations

Technical violations are when parolees fail to follow the judge-ordered instructions from the parole hearing. During a parole hearing, a judge will hand down rules to the parolee based on the circumstances of their past crime. Technical violations typically aren’t as severe as substantive violations, but they can still result in serious penalties.

Common technical violations include:

  • testing positive for drugs;
  • failing to check-in with a parole officer;
  • violating a given curfew;
  • violating a given restraining order.

Attorney Kevin Cahill Can Help

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