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Why DUI Arrests Spike During the Holidays

Why DUI Arrests Spike During the Holidays

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Liquor stores and bars are open year-round, so why do November and December continuously see the highest rates of drunk driving arrests and accidents across the country?

Why Are There More DUIs in the Winter Months?

More People are Going to Parties and Social Gatherings

From Halloween to New Year’s Eve, the winter season is packed with holidays, office parties, family gatherings, and so much more. And traditionally, alcohol is present at all of these events. As people go out more and therefore drink more, their chances of getting a DUI increase.

Increased Law Enforcement Presence

Year after year, data tells law enforcement agencies that drinking and driving is most prevalent during the holidays. In response to this, local and state police tend to increase their presence on highways, set up DUI checkpoints, and be more vigilant for signs of impaired driving while on the road. This heightened enforcement can lead to more DUI charges, a situation where consulting a Denver DUI defense lawyer becomes crucial for anyone facing such allegations.

Cases of Impaired Driving Also Increase

If a person’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was at or above .08 when they were driving or within two hours of their arrest, they are considered to have committed a DUI. However, Colorado also has laws in place regarding driving while your ability is impaired (DWAI), highlighting the difference between DUIs and DWAIs in Colorado.

A person can be charged with a DWAI if law enforcement believes drugs and/or alcohol have made them less capable of safely operating their vehicle. A BAC between .05 and .079 can also be used as evidence to show that though the driver was below .08, they were still impaired.

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