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What to Do if You Get Arrested for Drug Trafficking

What to Do if You Get Arrested for Drug Trafficking

It’s no surprise that having a drug trafficking conviction on your record can have serious implications. From high bonds to potentially serving upwards of 32 years in prison, it is common to want to better understand what you can do if arrested for one of these crimes.

What is Considered Drug Trafficking?

Before knowing what to do, it’s essential to learn what the minimum thresholds fortrafficking charges are in the state of Colorado. The government outlines these as ‘schedules’:

  • Schedule I: Drugs for non-medical use with potential for abuse and dependency – heroin, LSD.
  • Schedule II: Drugs for medical use with potential for abuse and dependency – opioids, cocaine.
  • Schedule III: Moderated abuse and dependency risk – depressants, codeine.
  • Schedule IV: Drugs for medical use with low potential for abuse – sedatives, clonazepam.
  • Schedule V: Over the counter medications that are not likely to be abused.

If you are concerned about whether marijuana falls into any of these categories, those laws differ slightly, considering Colorado has legalized it for recreational use for those 21+. However, selling and distributing more than 4 ounces of marijuana or 2 ounces of cannabis concentrate is considered a felony. For a more in-depth breakdown of the Colorado felony classifications when selling and distributing drugs, visit this website.

Remember, regardless of which schedule the crime falls into, Colorado takes these charges very seriously. Any can be subject to jail time and hefty fines.

What To Do if Arrested

As with any arrest, the first thing you want to do is find a criminal defense attorney specializing in drug trafficking. With the mandatory sentences that come with trafficking charges if convicted, consulting a lawyer can help with a bail reduction or jail release before trial.

Working with the right criminal defense attorney can also help potentially get your charges reduced to a lower sentence resulting in less jail time or the option for rehabilitation. And since a charge of drug trafficking requires a certain amount of drugs to be found on your person, your attorney may also might a case based on whether your Fourth Amendment right was violated during the arrest.

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