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Teen Sexting Laws in Colorado

Teen Sexting Laws in Colorado

Sexting has grown in popularity in recent years, particularly amongst teens above any other age group. The state of Colorado recently passed a new law regarding teen sexting, as this House Bill works in favor of teenagers who are caught sexting. Consequences have been lessened, particularly in instances in which teenagers send sexually explicit emails to juveniles. If you or a loved one has been accused or charged with a teen sexting crime, it is essential you don’t waste any time in enlisting the services of a Denver criminal defense lawyer you can trust–such as ours at the Law Office of Kevin Cahill.

The very nature of this new law allows for filing as a misdemeanor charge as opposed to a class 3 felony charge, as the current law dictates. In understanding the difficulties of these charges, the guidance of a Denver sex crime lawyer can be invaluable. One other important part of this law is the way perpetrators are expected to handle their punishment. There will now be an installation of diversionary programs in order to help teenagers understand exactly why what they have done is considered a crime, as well as why they are being punished. Those convicted of this misdemeanor will also have a second chance at their future without serious, long-term implications–those found guilty will not be required to register as sex offenders.

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