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New Colorado Law Requires Jail Time for Felony DUI Sentences

New Colorado Law Requires Jail Time for Felony DUI Sentences

Colorado is now using a sentencing system for felony driving under the influence (DUI) convictions that require the defendant to spend a minimum amount of time in prison. Probations do not override this mandatory incarceration, either. The law was implemented after it was discovered that DUI felony convictions in the state had sentences that varied notably between similar cases.

Anyone convicted of a felony DUI but receives a probation must serve no less than 90 days in jail, up to 180 days. People convicted of a felony DUI but who receive a work release program approval will serve anywhere between 120 days to 24 months in jail. Another addition due to the new ruling requires felony DUI convicts to serve at least 48 hours of community service, up to 120 hours. Sentencing reductions cannot be used to release them from prison early, either.

(You can learn more about this recent legal change by clicking here and reading a full article posted by The Denver Post.)

What Does This Mean for Defendants in Colorado?

With mandatory prison or jail sentences tacked onto every felony DUI conviction in Colorado, people accused of a DUI need to be more adamant than ever about protecting themselves from the heavy hand of the law. Prosecutions will likely be more tenacious to try to secure a conviction, knowing that incarcerations of defendants look well on their professional records. Judges may also be convinced to use maximum prison sentences. All in all, this is not good news for DUI defendants.

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