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New Colorado Criminal Justice Laws for 2022

New Colorado Criminal Justice Laws for 2022

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In an effort to reform the state’s criminal justice system, Colorado recently passed a number of different laws that address everything from bond hearing wait times to when criminal records can be sealed.

Reforming Colorado’s Criminal Justice System

“To build a better Colorado for all, our criminal justice system should promote public safety, reduce crime, and treat every individual with fairness, equality, and dignity in every interaction and at all stages. We have made historic progress in addressing inequities that exist in our criminal and juvenile justice system and ensuring trust and accountability in policing,” said Governor Jared Polis in a written statement.

Some of the most impactful changes include:

  • Changes to bond hearings. House Bill 21-1280, ensures that bond hearings (where a judge decides if a person should be released from police custody while a criminal case is pending) are set within 48 hours of someone being arrested.
  • Restructuring the state’s misdemeanor sentencing laws. The new law eliminates duplicate misdemeanor offenses, removes ones that are rarely used, and restructured the punishments given. It should be noted that these changes will not go into effect until March 1, 2022.
  • Sealing criminal records. If your record is sealed, it means it is no longer available to the public through public record. However, it will still appear within government agencies and law enforcement. The new law gives more people the opportunity to have their arrest record and criminal record sealed after a certain period of time.
  • Some restrictions to the use of solitary confinement. House Bill 21-1211 plans to significantly restrict the use of solitary confinement in jails for certain people, including those with a mental health diagnosis or neurocognitive impairments, juveniles, people who are pregnant or recently delivered, or people who have intellectual or developmental disabilities.

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