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Edible Marijuana Etiquette

Edible Marijuana Etiquette

Now that marijuana is legal in many states, it is much easier to find edibles like drinks, candies, and brownies. Most people prefer edibles to smoking cannabis, so many recreational stores sell drinks and food as well as joints. If you are new to edibles, make sure to use the proper etiquette. There is no puff-puff-pass rule with edibles, but there are a few niceties you should remember.

Guide to Eating Edibles

In general, 10 milligrams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is considered one serving. If you have never had edibles before, you may want to start out by taking just 5 milligrams to see how your body responds. Many edibles have more than one serving of THC, so be aware of this before you consume anything. Tinctures will generally take effect faster than cannabis foods, so keep this in mind as well. It can also take up to two hours for the edibles to take effect, so give your body time to process the THC before you take any more.

Edible marijuana, including medical marijuana in Colorado, is far more potent than traditional administration methods like vaping or smoking, which can lead to a stronger high. As a result, edibles can severely impair your driving ability. The effects of edibles can also last for up to 12 hours, so keep this in mind before you drive anywhere.

Etiquette Tips

Remember to share: If you are going somewhere with other people, remember to share your edibles. When you do not have enough to share, you should eat when no one is paying attention.

Respect your host: If you are at a party, be thoughtful about the other guests. Try not to make other guests feel uncomfortable because they do not want to use the edibles. Bear in mind that some employers in Colorado may fire employees who test positive for marijuana.

Mark your edibles: While pot brownies are unbelievably delicious, no one wants to get high on accident. Mark your edibles so that no one accidentally eats a handful of laced cookies.

No pressure: Avoid using peer pressure to get other people to join you.

Think about your tolerance levels: If you are going somewhere, you do not want to zone out in a corner. Take less when you are in a social situation so that you can still participate. Similarly, being aware of the key factors in criminal cases, like the influence of substances, is crucial. If edibles always make you zone out, take them at home instead.

Be wary of children: While bringing edibles to a family event sounds like fun, you need to be mindful of any children present as well as the potential for being charged with a petty drug offense in Colorado. Make sure the edibles are stored safely away from kids because most edibles look like something a child would enjoy eating.

To avoid legal issues, it is important to never drive after using cannabis. Edibles are especially potent and can take effect hours after you eat them, so you need to be especially cautious.

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