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Colorado Sets New Hit & Run Accident Laws

Colorado Sets New Hit & Run Accident Laws

The state of Colorado has recently passed a number of new laws ranging across a number of legal arenas. One of the most significant of these involves hit-and-run accidents, particularly in fatal ones. The Colorado Department of Revenue is has passed a law in which the organization can choose to suspend a driver’s license if the person responsible for any injury or death in a hit-and-run accident leaves the scene of the accident.

Prior to the passing of this law, the suspension of the driver’s license did not occur unless the driver in question was convicted of a crime. Once a suspension takes place, the driver will then endure a hearing for a probationary license, and will then make a written request for review. With the help of a Denver criminal defense lawyer, such as ours at the Law Office of Kevin Cahill, you can hope for the most positive results possible following the strict nature of this particular law.

The one caveat about this law is there must be a multitude of evidence regarding the person and his or her role in the accident, including whether or not this person was the driver who fled the scene in question.

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