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3 Things You Should Never Do at a DUI Checkpoint

3 Things You Should Never Do at a DUI Checkpoint

Colorado upholds the legality of DUI checkpoints through the state constitution; therefore, Coloradoans should be on the lookout for these blockades. If you ever find yourself at a DUI checkpoint, here are there things you should never do.

1. Break Traffic Laws

You are legally allowed to turn around and avoid a DUI checkpoint up ahead; however, you must follow proper driving etiquette when attempting to take another path. Therefore, if you make an illegal U-turn to avoid a DUI checkpoint, you can expect Colorado police to pull you over for reckless driving (and a subsequent check for driving under the influence).

2. Tell Police How Much You Drank

A common question police officers ask at DUI checkpoints is, “How many have you had to drink tonight?” The best answer to this question is no answer at all. Police are looking for any reason to stop you at a DUI checkpoint, and if you affirm that you drank alcohol, you will likely be asked to pull over for further questioning. However, if you say that you decline to answer, they have no immediate reason to pull you over and they can’t use your statement against you in a DUI case. If you find yourself in a situation where you are facing DUI charges, consulting with a Denver DUI defense lawyer can be crucial in understanding and navigating the legal process effectively.

3. Don’t Complain About Inconvenience or Backtalk an Officer

If you backtalk an officer, or if you complain about the checkpoint, you are likely to run into trouble. Always be polite and courteous with any officer you interact with, even if the officer isn’t polite with you. People who nag or disrespect police draw attention to themselves, attention that can lead to a citation or an arrest. All that to say, stay polite regardless of the circumstances.

We hope this blog post helps you the next time you’re stopped at a DUI checkpoint.

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