Denver Murder and Homicide Attorney

Denver Murder and
Homicide Attorney

Murder and homicide charges are among the gravest in Colorado. Those charged face vigorous prosecutions followed by lengthy prison terms, fines, and challenging impacts to their future life. A strong defense, however, can change the course of a homicide case — up to 180 degrees in many cases. If you have been charged with murder or homicide, your future depends on your contacting an experienced Denver murder and homicide attorney as soon as possible.

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Fierce Defenders

Attorney Kevin Cahill founded the Law Office of Kevin Cahill to vigorously defend the constitutional rights of the people. As a client, you can expect nothing less than a strong defense. With a track record of obtaining favorable outcomes for clients, our team makes sure to explore every defense strategy appropriate for your case.

The Law Office of Kevin Cahill offers the following benefits:

  • We have years of quality criminal defense experience.
  • We are available 24/7.
  • We tailor our defense strategies to your unique case.

Murder and homicide charges are grave indeed. However, a charge is only the beginning of the story. A strong defense from the Law Office of Kevin Cahill can make a big difference.

When your freedom is on the line, contact the Law Office of Kevin Cahill for a consultation. Nothing is more important to us than your future. Call 720-445-9887 to speak with an experienced murder and homicide lawyer in Denver today.

Understanding Murder and Homicide in Colorado

Homicide is an umbrella term that covers all incidents involving the killing of one person by another. In some cases, homicide is justified. When it is not, it may be one of the following categories of homicide in Colorado:

  • 1st Degree Murder: Intentional killing, extreme indifference to life, death of a child
  • 2nd Degree Murder (Felony Murder): Knowingly causing death
  • Heat of Passion Homicide: Killing immediately after an event that causes loss of self-control
  • Reckless Manslaughter: Conscious disregard of life leading to a death
  • Criminally Negligent Homicide: Homicide due to failure to perceive a substantial and unjustifiable risk of danger.

Generally speaking, each of these categories establishes punishment based on the intent of the defendant. The more intentional the homicide, the harsher the punishment. An exception is found with felony murder, which is a killing during the commission of a felony. A defendant need not intend a killing to be charged with felony murder. They need only to be in the commission of a certain type of dangerous felony.

Serious charges require an aggressive defense. The Law Office of Kevin Cahill vigorously defends against homicide charges.

A Strong Defense

The Law Office of Kevin Cahill vows a strong defense against your homicide charges. Our team leaves no stone unturned when fighting for your rights and freedoms. We may use one or more of the defenses detailed below.


Some cases of self-defense are evident when the police arrive or shortly after, and no arrest is ever made. In many other cases, however, the distinction between assault and self defense may not be immediately evident, and the police may make an arrest. When this occurs, it is important to contact a Denver murder and homicide lawyer immediately. They will set out to gather evidence to prove self-defense.

Mistaken Identity

Witness and victim testimony are powerful pieces of evidence. Unfortunately, too many cases of mistaken identity have resulted in wrongful convictions. At the Law Office of Kevin Cahill, a skilled Denver identity theft attorney dismantles mistaken claims of identity through whatever method is available, including DNA and fingerprint analysis.

Exclusion of Evidence

The police must gather evidence and arrest you without violating the Constitution. If a violation has occurred in your case, we will find it and move to have the evidence excluded from consideration.

Whichever defense your case will benefit from, whether it is based on an alibi or on deficiencies in the prosecutor’s case, we will use it in our fight against the state.

Consequences of a Murder or Homicide Conviction

Murder and homicide are felonies in Colorado, which means they come with the most severe punishments.

Criminal Penalties

A 1st-degree murder conviction, which is a conviction of a Class 1 felony, typically leads to life in prison with no mandatory parole period. For homicides charged as Class 2 through Class 6 felonies, the sentence ranges from 24 years to 18 months in prison, respectively.

Collateral Damages

A homicide conviction can severely impact your life. Your employment prospects, housing choices, and schooling may all be affected. At the Law Office of Kevin Cahill, we fight to mitigate these impacts from the moment we take your case.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following answers to commonly posed questions can help you understand more about homicide and murder charges. Call us any time to speak to a murder and homicide attorney in Denver.

Murder and homicide lawyers in Denver typically charge an hourly rate that varies depending on the complexity of the case. Hourly rates are usually at or above $250 per hour.

There is no statute of limitations for murder in the state of Colorado. Lesser forms of homicide, such as vehicular homicide, do have statutes of limitations.

It depends on your circumstances and the evidence. Each case is different. Your murder and homicide attorney in Denver will review the evidence in your case against the prosecutor’s offer. Ultimately, your desires as the client are controlling.

No. Colorado abolished the death penalty in 2020.

Do you have more questions relating to murder and homicide charges? Contact us any time to get answers.

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