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A conviction for any kind of criminal charge, whether it is a misdemeanor or a felony, can alter your life in a devastating way. You should not take any chances when it comes to your defense; working with an experienced and confident criminal defense attorney will give you the best possible chance of a positive outcome.


Kevin Cahill has ample experience assisting clients facing a wide range of criminal charges, and many of his cases have gone to trial with very successful results. When you contact the Law Office of Kevin Cahill, you can rest assured that you will be reaching a South Denver area criminal lawyer who has the excellent track record that you need.

Criminal Defense Lawyer Kevin Cahill has extensive experience in a wide range of practice areas, including:

Kevin R. Cahill, Your Best Advocate in Any Kind of Criminal Case


Kevin Cahill attended the University of Denver School of Law, where he realized that his passions lie in litigation and protecting the rights of anyone accused of a crime in Colorado. He graduated in 2005 and went on to become a member of both the Colorado Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association. Working for a large firm in the Denver metro area allowed him to focus on and hone his skills as a criminal lawyer, defending clients who were facing charges for serious and violent felony crimes, sex crimes, DUIs, and traffic violations.


Since earning his J.D., Mr. Cahill has proven himself time and time again as a persuasive litigator and a compassionate defense attorney who believes that everyone deserves the best possible defense, no matter what the charges against them. He has represented clients in courts throughout the state of Colorado and in administrative hearings in front of the DMV, often with a favorable outcome.

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Wide Range of Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Denver Assault Lawyer

Assault is typically a misdemeanor offense, but it can be elevated to a felony under certain circumstances (for example, if the defendant allegedly had a weapon). Depending on the circumstances of your case, a skilled defense attorney may be able to show that you acted in self-defense and without criminal intent, or that your assault charge should be reduced to a lesser charge. ...Read more

Denver Criminal Record Sealing Lawyer

Did you know that you will have a criminal record merely for being charged – or even arrested? Many people believe that if they avoid getting convicted, everything is “reset” and it’s like the arrest never happened, but that is definitely not the case. It may not seem like a big deal, but this stain on your record can hurt your chances at getting a good job, securing loans, and even finding housing. If you don’t want your past impairing your future, you need to look into criminal record sealing. ...Read more

South Denver Domestic Violence Attorney

Colorado takes domestic violence very seriously, and it is possible to be arrested on a domestic violence charge even if you never physically harmed someone with whom you currently have or formerly had an intimate relationship. Consequences for a conviction may include a prison sentence, fines, mandatory counseling, and a firearm ban, so you will need to work with a skilled defense attorney to give yourself the best chance of avoiding life-altering penalties. ...Read more

South Denver Drug Lawyer

Recreational marijuana may be legal in Colorado now, but it is still illegal to distribute or possess controlled substances such as cocaine or heroin. If you are charged with any kind of drug crime, contact Kevin R. Cahill immediately. If the charge is for the possession of a small amount of a controlled substance, you may be able to receive an alternative sentence that involves treatment instead of incarceration. ...Read more

South Denver DUI-DWAI Attorney

You can be charged with a DUI (driving under the influence) if you are caught driving with a BAC level of .08 or if your ability to drive was impaired by drugs, and you can be charged with a DWAI (driving while ability impaired) if a police officer determines that your ability to drive was impacted to even a slight degree by drugs or alcohol. It is important to note that the breath tests commonly used by the Colorado police are not always accurate, and that sobriety tests may be administered incorrectly. In some cases, Kevin Cahill may be able to have the evidence against you thrown out because it was not legally obtained (i.e. the arresting officer did not have probable cause to pull you over in the first place). ...Read more

Denver Felony Lawyer

There are no “good” criminal charges, but felonies certainly qualify as “bad” ones. Unlike misdemeanors and petty offenses, all felony convictions come with the promise of jail time in addition to numerous other serious punishments. Never take a felony charge lightly. The second that you learn you are being charged with a felony of any kind, make sure that you get in touch with a Colorado criminal lawyer so that they can start crafting your defense. The earlier you start, the better your chances of getting your charged reduced or even dropped altogether. ...Read more

Denver Fraud Lawyer

There are so many different kinds of fraud out there that the term has lost meaning and become confusing to the vast majority of people. Simply put, fraud occurs when a person or organization provides untrue information about something to another and that individual or organization believes the information, acts on it, and suffers a loss due to the deception. Depending on the type of fraud you are charged with, you may be facing a misdemeanor or a felony, and your charges might be at the state or federal level. Whatever your fraud charges entail, you must take them seriously and act quickly to protect your future and good name. ...Read more

Denver Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

We used to say things like “kids will be kids” and look past many youthful indiscretions, but it’s a lot harder to grow up in the modern world – and it’s next to impossible to understand our juvenile justice system if you aren’t a professional working in and around it. If your minor child is charged with a crime, you need someone in your corner who understands how this unique area of our justice system works in Colorado and will mount an aggressive defense to protect their rights. ...Read more

Denver Drug Possession Attorney

Recreational marijuana has been legal in our state for a few years now, but that relative leniency hasn’t transferred to other drugs like cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and so on. Colorado defines possession penalties based both on the type of drug you allegedly had and the amount, and many people are shocked to find themselves in very serious trouble simply because they were holding something that they shouldn’t have been. Don’t take possession charges lying down. Protect your rights and your future with a strong defense. ...Read more

Denver Prostitution Lawyer

There are a number of different crimes associated with prostitution in the Colorado statutes. Unless a child is involved, you’re forcing someone to prostitute themselves, or you are making money off of the prostitution of another, these tend to be charged as misdemeanors or even petty offenses. Even so, many of these are charges that can go on your criminal record as well as containing large fines and other punishments. ...Read more

Denver Protection / Restraining Orders Lawyer

When you hear the term “restraining order,” chances are that you associated with domestic violence or abuse. But while protective and restraining orders are frequently used in those kinds of situations, it’s also possible to be hit by one from any person or entity who can believably argue that they view you as a threat – even a past employer. If you find yourself under a protective order or restraining order, it is vital that you understand the terms or you could end up violating them and unintentionally causing yourself more trouble. An experienced criminal attorney can walk you through the process and make sure you stay within the law. ...Read more

Denver Weapons Charges Attorney

Maybe you carry a weapon on your person to feel safe and made the mistake of taking it somewhere that it wasn’t allowed. Or you used a weapon in a way that seemed perfectly fine to you, but turned out to be illegal. Perhaps you got into a fight with someone and happened to have a weapon on you. All of these things (and more) can constitute weapons charges in Colorado, and oftentimes people may not really understand that they are breaking the law or why they are being charged. One thing you do have to understand, though, is that these kinds of charge are no joke. You need to fight back, and you need a strong defense. ...Read more

South Denver Probation Violations Lawyer

If you violate the terms of your probation in any way, such as failing to meet with your probation officer on time or leaving the state, you can be charged with another crime. Do not let an alleged probation violation lead to additional fines and a potential jail sentences; work with an experienced probation violation attorney. ...Read more

Denver Residential Burglary Lawyer

In Colorado, as in other areas of the country, burglary is about permission and intent. You can be convicted of burglary simply for going into a home or building without permission if the opposition can provide compelling evidence that you were intending to commit a crime. The intent is the difference between the much less serious crime of trespassing and burglary, so your goals are either to prove that you had permission to be there or that there’s no evidence of your intention to commit a crime. ...Read more

Denver Robbery Lawyer

When you take something valuable from another by intimidating, threatening, or using physical force, this falls under the definition of robbery in our state. Robberies can be simple (without a weapon) or aggravated (with a weapon). Obviously, aggravated robbery charges are more serious, but even “simple” robbery is charged as a felony, so you have to fight back with a strong defense to protect yourself. ...Read more

South Denver Sex Crimes Attorney

If you violate the terms of your probation in any way, such as failing to meet with your probation officer on time or leaving the state, you can be charged with another crime. Do not let an alleged probation violation lead to additional fines and a potential jail sentences; work with an experienced probation violation attorney. ...Read more

South Denver Shoplifting / Retail Theft Attorney

Shoplifting is not just a “teenage” problem, although it is often portrayed that way. People from all walks of life shoplift for a variety of reasons, and if you have been accused of shoplifting, you should talk to a defense attorney who has handled this type of case before. ...Read more

Denver Theft Lawyer

If you are accused of stealing something that belongs to another in our state, expect to face serious charges and penalties. Even the lowest level of theft – petty theft – is considered a class 2 misdemeanor and carries with it large fines and jail time. And if you’re charged with physically taking property from someone’s person or stealing more than $1,000, you’ll be facing a felony. You need someone on your side who understands the nuances of Colorado theft law to make sure you receive the best possible outcome. ...Read more

South Denver Traffic Violations Lawyer

Although a traffic violation might not seem like a very serious infraction to you, it can result in the suspension of your license, which is obviously devastating if you need to drive for your job or to meet other responsibilities. Kevin Cahill has plenty of experience defending clients at DMV hearings in order to prevent them from having their license suspended. ...Read more

South Denver White Collar Crimes Attorney

This general category encompasses many different types of crimes, including identity theft, forgery, embezzlement, fraud, and insider trading. No matter what the specific white collar crime you are facing, Kevin Cahill has the experience necessary to defend you. ...Read more

Why Should You Hire a Criminal Attorney?



Penalties for criminal convictions vary significantly depending on the nature of the crime, typically ranging from a fine (and potentially mandatory community service) for petty offenses to a fine of up to $1 million and potentially a lifetime prison sentence for a Class 1 felony. No matter what the class of the crime, it is imperative that you take your charges seriously and contact a skilled criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible.


Even a misdemeanor offense will go on your criminal record if you are convicted, and this record is available to the public. That means that if you look for public housing, apply for a job, apply to a university, or attempt to join the military, you are likely to encounter obstacles due to your criminal background check. Do not let a criminal charge derail your life: contact Kevin Cahill to learn more about how he can help.


Mr. Cahill will look at your case from every angle to determine how best to defend you.In some situations, he may be able to prove that there is not enough substantial evidence to convict you of any crime. In other situations, he may be able to show that your actions did not constitute a crime (for example, he may be able to prove that an alleged assault was actually an act of self-defense). No matter what the case, Kevin Cahill will keep your best interests in mind and do everything possible to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

Case Results

  • Dec 2014
    Client Charged DUI

    Charges reduced to weaving

  • Sep 2014
    Client Charged DUI

    Deferred judgment

  • May 2014
    DUI Jury Trial

    Client found not guilty on all charges

  • Feb 2014
    Domestic Violence Violation of Restraining Order Jury Trial

    Client found not guilty on all charges

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Choosing a defense lawyer is not a decision you should make lightly, and it is a good idea to do your research and ensure that you are confident in an attorney’s abilities before deciding to work with him or her. Kevin Cahill understands this, which is why he offers all potential clients a free initial consultation. Your consultation at Mr. Cahill’s law office in South Denver in what is commonly referred to as the Denver Tech Center (Greenwood Village, Centennial, Aurora, Lakewood, Castle Rock, Englewood and Parker) will give you an opportunity to explain the details of your case and learn what defense strategies Mr. Cahill believes will benefit you most.


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