Justice Is Blind: Common Lies Told by Police

The public generally trusts police officers to uphold and fight for what’s right, but did you know that they can lie in order to obtain the truth? In fact, lying and manipulation are not only common tactics used by police, but these tactics are pro… Read More
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Investigating the Myth that People Drive Better Drunk

“I feel more relaxed, which makes me a better driver because I’m typically a hot-head.” This is one of the many reasons people come up with to explain why they think they drive better while they’re drunk. While some of these statements may so… Read More
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How to Prepare to Meet with Your Criminal Lawyer

It’s frightening to be charged with a criminal offense, especially for first time offenders. Most people just aren’t used to dealing with the police, and they have even less experience with the often confusing and convoluted Colorado criminal jus… Read More
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