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Driving under restraint (DUR) is a common traffic crime in Colorado. Statutes make it clear that Colorado takes this crime seriously. If charged, you need an effective defense from an experienced driving under restraint (DUR) defense lawyer to avoid the many associated penalties and collateral consequences.

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Understanding Driving Under Restraint (DUR) Charges

Driving under restraint is a criminal traffic charge that exposes you to jail time, fines, and collateral repercussions. You can be charged with this crime if you drive within the state knowing that your license or driving privileges are under restraint for any reason.

Typically, driving under restraint is a misdemeanor charge that can lead to the following criminal penalties:

  • Five days to six months in the county jail
  • A fine of between $50 and $500.

Unfortunately, the minimum sentence in DUR cases is a mandatory minimum, meaning you must serve at least five days in jail upon a conviction. The good news is that Colorado does not require you to serve the five days consecutively. The only requirement is that you complete the five days in jail within a 30-day period.

However, if your license was suspended for the following reasons, you may face harsher penalties for driving under restraint:

If you have been charged with DUR, the penalties could be harsh. You need the help of an experienced lawyer who will protect your interests.

Alcohol-Related DUR Convictions

If your DUR is alcohol-related, the penalties increase substantially to:

  • 30 days minimum behind bars
  • $500 to $1,000 in fines
  • One-year minimum restraint on Colorado driving privileges.

You will also be required to pay increased court costs and surcharges.

Second-Time Offenders

Second-time offenders also face increased punishments. Jail time, which is mandatory, increases to a minimum of 90 days in the county jail and fines skyrocket up to a maximum of $3,000. Additionally, driving on a license suspended because of too many points will add time to your license restraint or revocation.

Collateral Repercussions

The collateral consequences of a DUR conviction are typically extensive and overwhelming for many. Mandatory time in jail can disrupt delicate work and home balances and lead to unemployment and even homelessness. Additionally, restraints on your Colorado driving privileges can wreak just as much havoc on your life as jail time.

With a restrained license, you may find it difficult or impossible to continue working and living as you do. Expensive and inconvenient adjustments are often unavoidable in these cases.

An Effective Defense

Regardless of your circumstances, a robust defense can do much for your future. Prosecutors must do more than accuse you. They must satisfactorily prove every element of the criminal statute, which they are often unable to do. However, if you confess or do nothing in the face of a weak case, the state will win.

By attacking the state’s case, your lawyer is able to obtain favorable results, which may include a complete dismissal of your charges, a reduction of charges, probation, or a reduction in sentence.

Attorney Kevin Cahill will aggressively defend clients against DUR charges and fight to get them back on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have been charged with DUR, you likely have questions. Read the following Q&A and contact our office for more information at any time.

Do I need a driving under restraint (DUR) defense lawyer if I plan on pleading guilty?

In all criminal matters, defendants are strongly advised to seek help from a defense lawyer as soon as possible after being arrested or charged. Without an attorney, you face the full force of the state and a higher risk of receiving the maximum sentence or being found guilty when you are actually innocent.

How can a driving under restraint (DUR) defense lawyer help me?

A DUR defense lawyer will employ all relevant defense strategies to get a good resolution to your case. Developing these strategies requires thorough investigations and expert analysis of evidence. It also requires quality experience and training, which all of the driving under restraint (DUR) defense attorneys at the Law Office of Kevin Cahill possess.

Can I have a DUR conviction expunged from my record?

Expungement in Colorado is very strict and limited to a handful of eligible situations, including:

  • Juvenile crimes
  • Juvenile DUI
  • Charges based on a mistaken identity.

In other words, you cannot get a DUR charge expunged. Colorado also offers charge sealing in certain instances. However, class 1 and class 2 misdemeanor traffic offenses are not eligible to be sealed, which means DUR charges or convictions may not be sealed either.

How much does a driving under restraint (DUR) defense attorney charge?

Depending on your circumstances and the experience of the law firm or lawyer, criminal defendants in Colorado can expect to pay between $250 and $500 per hour or a flat rate based on case facts and circumstances.

If you have more questions, call us for answers. An experienced DUR defense attorney is ready to take your call.

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