Criminal Record Sealing in Colorado

Move on with Your Life. Get Your Denver Criminal Records Sealed.

As anyone with experience in the criminal justice system can tell you, everyone makes mistakes. Sometimes, all it takes is to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people to land yourself in hot water. You may not even have realized your behavior was criminal or intended to break the law, but somehow managed to get yourself arrested, charged, and convicted of a crime.

Or maybe you knew perfectly well that you were committing a crime, but you’ve come to regret your decision and are trying to move on with your life. Whatever reason you found yourself in trouble with the law in the past, you deserve a second chance to try and make a better future for yourself. That’s where a Denver expungement lawyer comes in.

After an arrest, charge, or conviction on your permanent record, it can be challenging to try and lead a normal life. The advent of the internet has made it so virtually anyone can access your criminal record, including potential employers, landlords, college admission boards, and loan officers. This can make it difficult for people with criminal records to find a job, secure housing, pursue secondary education, or take out a loan. It can also make it difficult to form friendships and romantic relationships since your friends and romantic interests can easily access your record and find out about your criminal past. Life for someone with a criminal record can be financially challenging and lonely.

Sealing Your Record in CO

If you are trying to leave your criminal past behind you, there is hope. Colorado law allows adults with criminal records to have those records sealed under certain circumstances. Once your record is sealed, your criminal history will be made inaccessible to the general public, including employers, landlords, and college admissions boards. You will be able to seal all records relating to your case, including court cases, police contact records, and arrest records. Once your record is sealed, you can legally deny the crime even happened to most individuals. Typically, only certain government and criminal justice authorities can access a sealed record in Colorado.

The process of sealing your record in Denver is a lengthy and often complex one, requiring you to petition multiple parties, pay fees, and, in some cases, appear in court to defend your request for sealing. If the petitioning procedure and paperwork are handled improperly, your petition may be denied. That’s why it’s in your best interest to hire a top criminal defense attorney with experience in the sealing procedure. A knowledgeable record sealing attorney can guide you through the petitioning process step-by-step, greatly increasing your chances of success. If a court appearance is necessary, a lawyer can appear on your behalf.

Kevin Cahill is a long-time Denver expungement attorney who is intimately familiar with the laws surrounding record sealing in Colorado. He has helped many clients from Glendale, Englewood, and other areas of South Denver petition to have their record sealed successfully, enabling them to move on and lead normal, fruitful lives. Mr. Cahill can help you determine the eligibility of your unique case, and counsel you through the process to ensure the best possible outcome for your petition to have your criminal record sealed.

Is My Criminal Case Eligible for Sealing?

Under Colorado law, several types of cases may be eligible for sealing. Common examples include:

  • Dismissals or deferred judgment. If you were arrested for a crime but the charges were never filed, the charges were dismissed, or you were found not guilty in trial, your case may be eligible for record sealing.
  • Petty offense convictions. If you were convicted of a petty offense—such as a petty drug or municipal offense—you may be able to have your record sealed.

It’s important to note, however, that there are some convictions that are generally always ineligible for sealing, including:

  • Criminal offenses. Convictions for crimes other than drug crimes, municipal offenses, and other petty offenses, are ineligible for sealing.
  • DUI and certain traffic offenses. DUI offenses, as well as many other traffic offenses and infractions, are ineligible for sealing.
  • Sex crimes. Any offense involving criminal sexual behavior cannot be sealed, even after a successfully completed deferred judgment.

To determine the eligibility of your unique case, consult with a defense attorney. An experienced criminal lawyer can examine your unique situation and help you decide if you qualify, before walking you through the complex petitioning process.

Kevin Cahill has worked with countless clients in Glendale, Englewood, and beyond Denver, sealing criminal records and enabling them to move on with their lives. With Mr. Cahill’s support and guidance in these matters, you can drastically improve your chances of success.

How to Get your Criminal Record Sealed in Colorado

The process of having your record sealed has many steps. Below, we’ve provided a basic outline of the process:

Step 1. Draft the petition and proposed orders.

Step 2. File these documents with the court.

Step 3. Wait for the court to issue an order and notice of hearing.

Step 4. Notify all applicable parties of the hearing, including the District Attorney, the law enforcement agency that handled the case, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Step 5. Mail the order to seal to all of these parties.

Step 6. If any parties object to your petition, the case must be reviewed in court.

It’s been proven time and again that the assistance of an experienced criminal record sealing attorney can greatly improve your chances of having your petition granted. If you are considering having your record sealed, you should speak with an attorney before embarking on the process on your own.

Kevin Cahill Can Help You Put Your Past Behind You

A criminal record can continue to impact your life for decades after the crime was committed, making it difficult for you to pursue a career, secondary education, or housing opportunities. A stain on your record will last forever if you don’t take action to seal it with the help of a smart and tenacious Denver criminal defense attorney.

As a long-time Denver resident and defense attorney, Kevin Cahill has handled numerous successful petitions, helping his clients put their pasts where they belong—in the past. Don’t let one mistake forever impact your work, life, and happiness.

Contact Kevin Cahill to start working on your petition for sealing today by filling out our online consultation request form or calling (720) 548-2990. Your initial consultation is free.


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