3 Things You Should Always Do at a DUI Checkpoint

Colorado is one of the many states that uphold the police’s right to conduct driving while under the influence (DUI) checkpoints. Therefore, you should remember these three things that will help you get through a DUI checkpoint without a hitch.

1. Stop

While police typically need probable cause to stop a vehicle, courts have continued to uphold the legality of DUI checkpoints. Therefore, if police ask that you stop your vehicle, you must comply with their request. Saying the police don’t have probable cause to stop you will only aggravate the situation if you’re requested to stop: stop.

2. Always Uphold Your Fifth Amendment Rights

The first thing you should always do at a DUI checkpoint is upheld your fifth amendment rights. If a police officer asks you questions which can lead you to incriminate yourself (Are you drunk? How much did you drink tonight? etc.) then you should respectfully deny answering the question. It’s the police’s job to gather evidence on you; it’s not your job to incriminate yourself!

3. Always Be Courteous to Police

You have rights as an American citizen, and one of those rights is freedom of speech; however, it’s always advisable to be courteous and polite with police regardless of the circumstances at hand. If you feel like you’re being mistreated, report the officer after the incident. With that being said, always be courteous to police, it just makes your life easier.

We hope you remember these three things if you’re stopped at a DUI checkpoint. However, if you or a loved one are charged for DUI at a DUI checkpoint, our firm can help!

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